Electronic Arts might have kicked off E3 this year, but very few, even those at EA themselves, will freely admit they began the vaunted gaming press event on a high note. About 80 minutes in length, the euphemistically named “EA Play” largely focused on established franchises and smaller titles with indie aspirations. Andrea Renee led us in while we were teased with the prospect of a brand new AAA property, Anthem. After a few minutes of vamping for the audience, the announcements came quickly.

Battlefield V

An extended gameplay trailer was the first to be displayed during EA’s outing, and it was here where the game’s spokespeople Oskar Gabrielson and Lars Gustavsson announced that Battlefield V would feature no microtransactions or season passes of any kind, which will come as exciting news to fans.


“Open wide for some soccer!” Ahead of the global football extravaganza, the World Cup, EA predictably announced the next iteration of the soccer behemoth, with a slight emphasis on the Frostbite engine, which they are now appearing to push across the board. FIFA 19 will also have Champions League licencing, which is curious as the cup licencing had always belonged to Konami for years – a massive coup for FIFA fans. They then capped off the evening’s announcements by saying FIFA 18 would be available for a free trial, to whet appetites before this years release.

Cloud gaming

EA emphasised that this would not be coming for a long while, but openly expressed their desire to experiment with a games streaming service.

Madden 19

A brand new version of the titanic American football series.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Design director Dennis Brännvall emerged to discuss new DLC, including new-to-the-game planet Kessel, and a fresh PvP option, Extraction.

Unravel two

Yarny is back for a sequel to the warm and lovely adventure-platformer, but this time, the developers are emphasising co-op gameplay. A second player will be able to play as a second blue Yarny and together, they can use their divergent strings to solve physics-based puzzles together.

Sea of Solitude

A new adventure game under the EA Originals banner, made by Jo-Mei Games. This tells the story of Kay, someone who succumbs to loneliness and ends up turning into a monster. The game will show her trying to revert to her original human state.

Command and Conquer: Rivals

A mobile version of the long-dormant RTS series was announced, which, disappointingly got a lukewarm response online and from the Los Angeles audiences. This segment featured a live competitive game between two of the world’s greatest Command and Conquer players, demonstrating the tactical depth that a scaled-down C&C will potentially offer.


EA’s brand new pet project, developed by BioWare, closed the show. This looks to be a massive-scale first person shooter, and EA’s answer to the runaway hit that was (and still is) Destiny, so it looks as if Electronic Arts are intent to get their slice of the pie while the public are still hungry.