Sony has been met with unbridled fury today as gamers discovered that the newly-released Switch port of the worldwide smash-hit, Fortnite, is unplayable if you have already accessed the battle royale title with a PlayStation-related account.

Announced in the lead-up to the E3 weekend, players were excited at the prospect of experiencing the Epic Games’ title on Nintendo’s flagship device. However, restrictions placed by Sony mean that cross-platform gamers are greeted with the following message: “This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not allow it to operate on Switch,” which totally prohibits any sort of continuation of your progress if you enjoy playing both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

One of the first people to identify this issue was Justin McDaniel, producer for The Jimquisition, who tweeted his displeasure towards the business practices of Sony.

These practices are highly questionable; as this decision has the clear possibility to deter sales, Nintendo may consider legal action against Sony and Epic, if this decision was deliberate and not an oversight or aberration.

However, all is not lost if you are completely intent on playing Fortnite on Switch, as Kevin Pereira outlined a process allowing gamers to delink PlayStation accounts from the game:


For the sake of Fortnite‘s fans and the hope that this kind of action does not prevail, it is hoped that Sony’s action is a one-off accident. If you haven’t linked a PSN account to Fortnite and own a Switch, the title is available on the eShop now.