Author: Ben McCurry

An Interview With 98DEMAKE, The Creator Of 98DEMAKE And OK/NORMAL

The brain is a funny tool in that it can selectively block out the bad memories we’ve endured, all while putting soft-focus and sepia-tone on the good times. The prior generations of gaming are no exception; it’s common for people to aggrandise consoles based on the memories they had playing them at the time, but when they go back in the present day – agh, why is Tony Hawk so jaggy?! Yet there are many people who still hold the fifth generation, early-3D era in fond regard, perhaps none stronger than 98DEMAKE. If you don’t know the name, 98DEMAKE...

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GAME REVIEW: Pokémon Quest – Wait, The Other Games Aren’t Quests?

After an indisputable dark age in the mid-2000s, Pokémon is back, and out of the corner swinging. Of course, it never disappeared anywhere, as titles like Diamond and Pearl sold like gangbusters, but it’s absolutely fair to say that the general public didn’t love Pikachu like they did in 1999. However, Pokémon Go brought the series back to widespread provenance, and now Nintendo are about to cash in hard with an absolute assault; in the next 12 months, there will be at least three Pokémon titles to come, which means the future’s looking as bright as a hyper beam...

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