After EA Games faced so much negative feedback over the initial launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II, they’ve decided to redesign whole portions of the game. After parts of the game have been taken offline in recent weeks to prepare for this change, they’ve started to reveal what’s in-store — and they’ve added some Ewoks to try and make it right with gamers.

For a little bit of background, when Battlefront II launched, the character upgrade aspect ran on a system called Loot Crates. You could put in countless hours into playing the game, earning points bit by bit, or you could spend some extra cash on an in-game transaction that got you those upgrades right away.

It did not go over well.

Before its official release last November, those who played early demo versions started to pick up on this, and they took to Reddit to voice their complaints. EA tried to defend itself only to end up being the most downvoted comment in the history of the site. By a long shot.

Not only were upgrades frustratingly out of reach, but you couldn’t play as Darth Vader or Chewbacca. A thoughtful Redditor with the handle TheHotterPotato even mapped out a spreadsheet that estimated how many hours it would take playing to gain enough credits and unlock these key characters, which added up to about 40-60 each.

In response to the online uproar, EA almost immediately lowered the number of credits it would take to get these characters by 75%. Last month, they announced that moving forward, character and vehicle upgrades could only be earned by playing and that the in-game Loot Crates would contain only cosmetic items that wouldn’t give you an edge on the field (or front, I guess) of battle.

Now, they’ve finally started to announce some specifics on the official Battlefront message board.

The first of which is a mini-game called Ewok Hunt, which lets you play as an Ewok and take down stormtroopers on the jungle moon of Endor, as well as a Stormtrooper trying to survive the night. It’ll be available for free to all Battlefront II players on April 18th, but there’s a preview that makes it look cool enough that it could win over the Ewok’s most ardent detractors.

More changes will roll out in the coming weeks, but to be able to play as an Ewok hunting the Empire’s foot soldiers in the dead of night is a pretty good way to start things off.