Marvel is reviving the West Coast Avengers. Starting in August, readers will be able to experience a new team that includes two Hawkeyes, Quentin Quire, Gwenpool, Kate’s boyfriend Johnny, Fuse, and America Chavez. Marvel has paired writer Kelly Thompson with artist Stefano Caselli for the project. Check out the full cover below.

Created by writer Roger Stern and artist Bob Hall in the 1980s, The West Coast Avengers originally included Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Iron Man (with James Rhodes replacing Tony Stark in the suit), Wonder Man, and Tigra. The new series will keep Clint Barton on the team, but the Hawkeye mantle will be taken up by Kate Bishop. Clint will mentor Kate during their arrow-shootin’, bow-twangin’ adventures, a relationship that in which Clint wants to help Kate but also “doesn’t want to admit how much it’s fun for him to mentor.”

West Coast Avengers #1 hits shelves August 22.