Apologies to all you fans of the Metro series out there, as we’ve got some pretty crummy news for you. 4A Games and THQ Nordic’s upcoming post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Metro Exodus has unfortunately been hit with a fairly lengthy delay and has been pushed back to a first quarter, 2019 release window.

The bad news comes direct from THQ Nordic’s recent financial earnings report, which revealed that a bunch of the publisher’s “next key releases,” like action-RPG BioMutant and apocalyptic action-adventure Darksiders 3, “are still under evaluation for setting a release date.” Essentially, it looks like the Austrian publisher is looking to re-jig the launch dates of a few of their upcoming IPs, which unfortunately includes the third iteration in 4A Games’ sci-fi horror shooter.

Metro Exodus is an atmospheric, story-rich FPS set in the gloomy remnants of an alternate history Russia that has been ravaged by nuclear war and is the continuation of Artyom’s story from the series’ second installment, Metro: Last Light. What helps differentiate the franchise from other shooters on the market is how the moment-to-moment experience leans much more heavily into psychological horror, survival and stealth elements than the usual glut of other FPSs out there. 

Announced back in June of 2017 during an E3 press conference, the single player-centric title was penciled in for a 2018 release, and showcased the series’ protagonist, Artyom, making his way through icy Russian mountains before culminating in a tense battle with a creepy, massive mutated monstrosity.

Though this is merely speculation, THQ Nordic may’ve chosen to move the game’s release date further out from the eagerly anticipated launch of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, which comes out in late October and is expected to sell nothing short of gangbusters. 

Metro Exodus is now scheduled to release in early 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. As always, we’ll let you know as more information comes to light.