One thing that most people often overlook about the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham franchise, is that though Rocksteady Studios developed three terrific Batman titles, WB Games Montreal also stepped in and helped contribute to the venerable series with Batman: Arkham Origins back in 2013.

Sure, WB Montreal’s prequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum has since become reputable as the “black sheep” of the franchise, mainly due to a plethora of technical issues that sadly ravaged the game on release, as well as the team unnecessarily modifying the tried-and-tested formula that Rocksteady had laid down previously, by adding in some really pointless multiplayer components. Nevertheless, Batman: Arkham Origins has since gone on to find itself a small handful of devotees that stand by the studio’s more critically ambivalent effort.

All that being said, recent evidence does suggest that the Canadian developer may be having a second crack at a Batman title. First of all, Time Warner has recently advertised a job listing for a User Researcher, which suggests that whatever WB Montreal are currently working on is some sort of online-focused AAA game. Also, another job listing has popped up and appears to be for a Senior Systemic Gameplay Programmer that will “work on (WB Games Montreal’s) open-world AAA title based on one of DC Universe’s most popular IPs.” 

What popular DC Universe IP is the mysterious title going to be based on, though? It’s important to note that Rocksteady is rumored to be busy at work on an open-world Superman game. With the UK-based developer’s hands being full with the The Man of Steel’s licence, could WB Montreal be working on an open-world, online-focused Batman game? It’s entirely possible, no?

Neither Rocksteady or WB Montreal have yet officially unveiled what they are currently working on, but with E3 around the corner, we’re sure to hear some more intel about what projects the developers are busy with shortly. As always, if we hear anything, we’ll be sure to let you know.