Sleep Tight, a brand new dual-stick shooter buoyed by a complement of former AAA staffers, has been set for a July 26th release on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Sleep Tight is described as an “arcade-style twin-stick shooter with base-building elements”, and comes to us from a deadly triumvirate consisting of Maxx Burman, Dylan Ekran, and Oscar Mar, all working under the name “We Are Fuzzy”.

Burman’s previous credits include the recent smash-hit Far Cry 5, but also worked on the internationally-revered television program, Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, Ekran was formerly an illustrator at Disney, with credits on Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia to his name. Finally, Mar, as part of Ubisoft, completed work on Rainbow Six Siege and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The game will see you playing as one of 12 children (all with different abilities) fighting against bedtime monsters, using an array of toy weapons such as water balloons in a bid to keep yourself safe until sunrise. Any money made during each night can be used in the day to build forts and upgrade your arsenal to ensure your safety and win the night-time war.

Sleep Tight‘s all-star staff are enthusiastic heading into the title’s release, relishing the opportunity to work on something different to their usual oeuvre, and regarding it as “such a special project to work on”.

“While our team has been lucky to work on so many amazing properties over the course of our careers, it’s been amazing to create such a warm, pure, nostalgic experience, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone when we launch this July.” said Maxx Burman.

Sleep Tight releases on the 26th of July for PC and Nintendo Switch, and the latest trailer for the game can be seen here: