Bluehole, the development company responsible for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds‘, is to sue Epic Games for plagiarism in relation to their title Fortnite, according to South Korean broadsheet, Korea Times.

On Friday, the company filed an injuction on the grounds of copyright infringement due to possible unlicenced usage of the battle royale format first witnessed in PUBG and followed by Fortnite, as the usage that Epic engaged in could be construed as theft of intellectual property.

A representative for Bluehole said in regards to Fortnite, “We filed the suit to protect our copyright in January”, but now the lawsuit will move to court following the recent advanced legal action. Their case seems to be predicated on the ideas that the gameplay mechanics and user interfaces that the two games utilise share similarities.

Copying of ideas is rife in the “battle royale” genre, but this marks the first time actual legal action has been taken. Law courts will rule if Bluehole are right to protect their intellectual property in this way, or if the gaming industry allows for a free exchange of ideas that cannot truly be patented or nailed down in ownership.

Bluehole remarked that it was “regrettable” that Epic Games seemed to copy PUBG, as the two firms were considered partners in Korea previously.

News and dates about the upcoming lawsuit are yet to be announced.