You know, sometimes it’s best to just let things go. The Crow is a perfect example of this. There’s been talk of rebooting or reinventing the character for the big screen for ten years now, and every single time the project completely falls apart.

The Crow first hit theaters back in the summer of 1994. Based on James O’Barr’s comic book, the story was about a rock star who gets murdered, then is brought back to life for vengeance-related reasons. The big-screen adaptation had a leather-clad protagonist, a soundtrack that included The Rollins Band and Nine Inch Nails, and was set in a world that rained constantly. It was basically 1994 pressed onto a celluloid reel.

According to Deadline, Jason Momoa is the latest actor in line to play the title character to drop out of production. The Game of Thrones star had been announced way back in August 2016, and was less than a month away from the cameras rolling. Following Momoa out the door was director Corin Hardy. To help give you a sense of how convoluted this all is, this is the second remake of The Crow Hardy’s been slated to direct that ended up not happening. This time seemed like it might go differently, and even had a tentative release date in October 2019. But no.

And honestly, do we really need a remake of The Crow? Some of the reason the ’94 film has become a cult classic is due to the tragic circumstances behind it. Star Brandon Lee was killed on set when struck with a bullet fragment, but with filming nearly completed, it was released as scheduled. It became something of a memorial to the rising star. Brandon’s father, the great Bruce Lee, had also died prior to the release of his breakout role in Enter The Dragon.

But beyond that, The Crow was angsty and atmospheric in all the right ways. It tapped into exactly what all those teen-and-twenty-something Gen-Xers were celebrating. As a result, it became absorbed in that zeitgeist.

The Crow went on to spawn three (!) sequels and a television series, each of degrading quality. Yet there’s been some inexplicable desire to reboot the franchise. And it never works. Ever. Maybe because no one’s all that excited about revisiting their high school goth phase. Maybe there’s no real need for yet another “reimagining” of The Crow. Maybe it’s time to let this one actually stay dead.

In the meantime, we’ll see Momoa return to the big screen in Aquaman at… some point. Probably.