Those who are looking for a more natural way of playing mobile games and emulated classics on the go are in luck, as Merchoid have announced the creation and release of a brand-new SEGA controller for Android telephones today.

The controller, which is based entirely on the classic layout and design of the Saturn joypad, will work via Bluetooth. The device also promises support for SEGA titles available on the Google Play Store, such as Crazy Taxi and Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode 4, as well as official support for “lots more”, according to Merchoid’s press release. It is assumable to think that, with this being an Android release, it will also work smoothly with SEGA emulators as well.

The device functions like the same SEGA controllers you will be used to, except it also has a phone holder attached to the top of the unit, so you can hold your telephone in place as you play. Other controllers with Bluetooth functionality were always noticeably bereft of this feature, meaning that your phone had to be leant up against a hard surface – not always ideal. As such, this product is worth looking at if you want to keep ergonomics in mind.

The only possible deficit to this controller is that it requires 2 AAA batteries, which will surely wear quicker than most gamers would like, but this still looks like an intriguing new product to follow up on.

The controller is available for £32.99 from Merchoid, who appear to offer shipping (mostly) worldwide at no extra cost.