Yesterday was the start of LGBT Pride Month 2018, a month-long celebration that recognises the positive impact LGBT have had on the world. In commemoration of this special event, Sony has released a special, super colourful PS4 theme which is free to download right now.

Sony officially sponsored Pride London 2017, so it’s unsurprising to see the company celebrating the beginning of this year’s Pride Month with a free, aptly named “For All The Players” theme for the PS4. Aesthetically, the theme boasts a varied colour palette and is appropriately rainbow-themed. What’s really neat is that it changes all the menu icons on your dashboard into way more colourful versions of themselves. 

Check out how the free theme looks in the image below:

It’s great to see a major publisher like Sony standing firm alongside a community that is all too often underrepresented in video games. It’s a heartening sign of solidarity from the Japanese company that will hopefully emphasise the powerful positive nature of inclusivity that can be found in today’s modern gaming community. At the end of the day, the gaming community is made up of a tremendously diverse group of people from all walks of life and we should always remember to celebrate that, right?

The “For All The Players” theme is available now on the PS Store on PS4. If you fancy adding a splash of colour to your PS4 dashboard and want to show your support for the LGBT community, you can download the colourful “For All The Players” free theme here.