After months of speculation, and a week of social media hype built up in the lead up to this year’s E3, Hitman 2 has officially been announced by IO Interactive today with a brand new trailer.

The polished new trailer is narrated by Sean Bean and depicts the assassination of a race car driver, running through the various options that Agent 47 and the player will have at their disposal to neutralise the target, the backbone of what the series became famous for.

Not much more than that is known at this time, but IO did announce that those who pre-order the game will receive access to “Sniper Assassin”, an online co-op game mode that will allow players and their friends to kill targets at long range, as well as the option to play alone, if so desired. The entirety of the game has been set for a release date of November the 13th, 2018.

Hitman 2 will allow players to take out targets in “6 new sandbox locations”, according to the official website. The only known location at this time is Miami, Florida — all the rest are marked as classified information.

It is not known at this time if the sequel will be episodic in nature, but more details are likely to be unearthed at E3, probably at either Microsoft or Sony’s conferences as the title will again be multi-platform.

Expect to see more information on Hitman 2 throughout the E3 press conference period.