Documents have come to light that indicate that Rocksteady may be working on a brand new superhero-based video game. Yet this time around, it looks to have nothing to do with the Batman franchise, as the London-based developers are now setting their sights on Superman.

Via a leak on infamous global imageboard 4chan, a promotional image for Superman: World’s Finest has emerged into the public eye. The image features a glowing Superman “S” logo with a background shot of the cape.

The rest of the supposed promo contains all the apropos logos for Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Games, and appears to have been taken on a cellphone, owing to the image’s grainy quality. The image can be seen in fuller detail here:

This news must be taken carefully. On one hand, this “leak” comes from 4chan, which has been notorious in the past for various pranks and hoaxes. However, what lends credence to the idea is that this corroborates rumours already disseminated by 4chan in the past that Rocksteady were working on an open-world title developed with the Unreal Engine.

This is not wholly dissimilar to Batman: Arkham Asylum, which we reported might also be getting a sequel soon, albeit from WB Montreal.  Leaks of this nature emanating from 4chan have also been proven correct in the past, such as an accurate call sheet for a Nintendo Direct event at E3.

Whether you hold faith in this recent leak or not, this should give fans more than enough reason to watch every E3 conference carefully this year, as Rocksteady are well overdue a new title. It will be intriguing to see which direction a new Superman game goes in, considering the new and intriguing creative direction taken in the recent comic books.

More information will be reported on Superman: World’s Finest as it makes itself known to us.