Alice Eve is an absolute delight. A seasoned actress known for her roles in Star Trek: Into Darkness, She’s Out Of My League, Men in Black 3, and other high-profile films, Eve is currently promoting her recent project, Bees Make Honey. Her younger brother Jack wrote and directed the film, a genre-blending period piece with a modern twist. Eve stars as the titular Honey, a clever widow with a fondness for Hallow’s Eve and a determination to catch a mysterious killer.

The actress spoke with me about the film, graciously giving me insights into the production even as she kept mum about meatier details. She was excited about what her brother had put together and couldn’t wait to breeze through my admittedly superfluous opening questions. I know I’m a verbose fuck.

The interview ran for about five minutes, but it was one of the most pleasant, most candid experiences I’ve ever shared with a stranger. Check out the full transcription below!

Your brother wrote and directed Bees Make Honey. Did he approach you for the part or did you audition? 

I did not audition. He approached me and we kind of workshopped the story a little bit together. I was a producer on it so we put it together over the course of a year. It was like a little family affair. It was cute. My dad is an actor, my mom is an actor. They went to RADA and I didn’t. We had a fun winter where we got to make this movie.

In your words, how would you describe Bees Make Honey

It’s kind of like a spoof of a caper movie with hijinks. It’s like a kind of classic English comedy in a high style. Movie spoof is my favorite word for it.

What do you feel is the most appealing part of this project? You said it was a spoof, and I was wondering what about it is different, special, particularly funny, that kind of thing. 

For me, it was an amazing full role of a woman before her time who had taken over an aristocrat’s house and was probably on the wrong side of the tracks and wanted to keep the big house. She’d go to any lengths to keep the big house, which I thought was awesome. She did clearly love her husband but the main thing was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks doing a big heist on all the rich people to try and keep the husband’s house. It was a cool “good girl gone bad” kind of thing.

The film is part murder mystery, part comedy. What do you think the key to good genre-blending is? 

Good question! I think confidence and speed, probably. If you’re going to do action that’s funny, you’re going to have to have a quick, witty, fast kind of action. So yeah, I’d say confidence and speed.

You’ve done comedy before in She’s Out of My League. Did the comedy here challenge you in ways that that film didn’t? 

I love comedy. It’s what I choose to watch. I grew up on those romantic comedies with Cameron Diaz and Meg Ryan and I love them. It’s my favorite relaxing genre. I feel like it’s in my blood. No, comedy is a very pleasant experience. The hardest thing to do is action because your body has to go through a lot of pain.

You did a little bit more of that on Star Trek, correct? 

Yeah, and I just did a project that I can’t talk about that I did it with as well. You know, I’m doing a little action now but comedy is a very different muscle to that action stuff. As I just mentioned, it’s great when they blend and there’s a bit of physical humor here. So it’s great when it’s fast-paced and I enjoy that very much.

Speaking of challenges and comedy, which scenes and moments in the movie were the most difficult to film and why? 

We have one scene in it, a dancing scene where the camera kind of wanted to circle us as we danced in the opposite direction. Timing, rhythm, keeping up with the cinematographer and making sure we had the authenticity and truth of that scene was a bit of a challenge, yeah.

Bees Make Honey will be available on VOD platforms starting July 2, 2018. Check out our review, coming tomorrow.