If you were a fan of Sony and FromSoftware’s spiritual successor to the cult hit Dark Souls series, then you’re in luck, as plans to release a sequel to the action-adventure title might have been accidentally unveiled. Earlier today, Amazon Italy posted a listing for Bloodborne 2 which was quickly deleted, but even its ephemeral appearance on the global marketplace has fuelled speculation that it may indeed be coming soon.

There is every chance that this might have simply been a mistake on the part of Amazon, or the work of an errant prankster; however, if it isn’t, then players can expect a 2019 release for the game, as well as for the title to make an appearance on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The official date given in the listing was December 31st of next year, which is likely a placeholder until the retailer – and us, by extension – know more about the game in question.

Fans are warned not to get too excited too quickly, though. For one, this game is completely unannounced, so it would be unwise to put too much stock into Amazon’s listing, as it may well be an aberration. Amazon Italy are also just as unfortunately known for mistakenly advertising games that tragically never see release, so we urge gamers to proceed with caution and think realistically as this listing, while exciting, does not guarantee we will see a sequel.

Earlier this year, a “leak” for the remastered Modern Warfare 2 appeared on the same marketplace, but as of yet, no official release or news has yet to materialise.  This means that it may be best to take the leaks with a pinch of salt for now.

Publishers and developers have recently had trouble keeping their big projects under wraps, being foiled by overzealous or clueless retailers: for example, Bethesda’s hand was recently forced by Walmart in Canada, who posted a listing for a sequel to Rage, prompting the studio to announce more details earlier than they would have liked to.

References to a new Splinter Cell title as well as Sunset Overdrive 2 were noted in similar releases, but due to the contentious nature of the source leak, nothing can be confirmed as of now. More updates will be provided by The Deadbeat Critics as soon as the news presents itself.