Kingdom Hearts III has been named the best RPG to be shown at E3 this year at the Game Critics Awards, which is an independent panel of games media influencers brought together to dictate the best and brightest titles displayed at the long-running Los Angeles presser event.

The sequel to the long-running story about Sora, a young boy blessed with the powers of the magical weapon, the Keyblade, had been awarded best in show by over thirty accredited journalists from North and South America. This contributed to Kingdom Hearts III receiving the overall title of best RPG shown at E3, which should come as welcome news to the fans of the franchise, and a positive indictment of the quality that the long-awaited iteration of the series should provide.

The Game Critics Awards committee also handed out a bevy of other honours, such as Best Original Game, which went to Media Molecule’s Dreams. Best PC Game was scooped by BioWare’s titanic new project, Anthem, whilst Super Smash Bros. Ultimate walked away with Best Fighting Game. The ultimate winner was the Resident Evil 2 remaster, which was awarded Best of Show.

This news will surely whet the whistles of Kingdom Hearts fans worldwide, who have been waiting in agony since 2005. This marked the release of the last main series game, Kingdom Hearts II. Other games in the franchise have been released since then, such as the DS-exclusive 358/2 Days, but very little comes close to a mainline iteration that pushes the story forward instead of sideways.

Barring any further delays (we hope and pray), Kingdom Hearts III will see release on the 29th of January of next year for Xbox One and PS4.