A wee survival horror gem, dubbed Detention, dropped early last year on the Switch, PS4 and PC, and went on to garner a fair amount of critical praise. Critics lauded over the 2D side-scroller’s Silent Hill-esque brooding atmosphere, smart storytelling and burrow-into-your-skull imagery. 

Developed by Taiwanese indie studio, Red Candle Games, their debut game has gone on to win over the hearts and minds of many survival horror enthusiasts out there. The good news is that the Eastern developer hasn’t decided to rest on their laurels, but have instead been busy toiling away on their follow-up psychological horror title, called Devotion.

This time around, Devotion’s story focuses on a family of three who live in an old, creepy department complex. The game will opt for a first-person viewpoint instead of its predecessor’s 2D perspective. Red Candle Games describes the experience as so:

“Explore the nostalgic house in the 80s where religion plays a significant role in their daily life. When one day the same house that once filled with joy and love had turned into a hell-like nightmare, and by venturing in the haunted and confined space, each puzzle leads you closer to the mysteries nested deep inside.”

Check out the teaser trailer below to see if Devotion floats your blood-soaked boat:

Fans of scary games should be pleased as the indie horror scene seems to be alive and kicking at the moment. Not only have we got Red Candle Games’ Devotion to look forward to, but there’s also CBE Software’s Silent Hill-inspired Someday You’ll ReturnRedG Studios’ survival horror PS4 exclusive S.O.N, and Storyline Team’s third-person action-horror Crying Is Not Enough to be excited about, too. It’s like a gore-hounds’ Christmas. But with, you know, more blood and less tinsel…