THQ Nordic announced in Vienna yesterday that the sequel to the well-received 2016 indie title created by Weappy Studio, This Is The Police, will have its sequel released next month.

The original mixed elements of real-time strategy in which you, playing as police chief Jack Boyd, must decide how to manage crime in the city of Freeburg. The end goal was to make half a million dollars before Boyd’s retirement, and this can be achieved through some damn fine police work or through nefarious means, such as collaborating with the Mafia – the choice was in the player’s hands. The expectation ahead of the sequel next month is that the gameplay should remain largely the same.

The press release ensures just that, stating that it will continue to do what the first game did well, whilst “strengthen[ing] both the strategic and tactical parts of the game”. New and fortified features seem to include a refreshed man management system in which the cops under you are not just tools, but people, indicating you may have to keep an eye on morale as your operations grow shadier.

This Is The Police started life as a fairly low-key project, being crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a meagre budget of $25,000. The game soon picked up momentum after positive critical reviews, and the news that Jon St. John, the incomparable voice of Duke Nukem, was cast as the main character. This led to the game getting a Switch port, which received fair reviews and allowed the title to come to a much wider audience.

This Is The Police 2 releases on the 2nd of August, and the trailer can be viewed here: