It was announced in Germany today by Deep Silver’s Hamburg-based development wing that a new iteration of their cult classic series Dead Island has launched on mobile platforms. Released today for iOS and Android devices, Dead Island: Survivors looks to be a spin-off of the series geared towards less powerful pocket machines for a freemium price tag.

Described as an “action brawler”, Survivors adapts the formula for handheld devices by switching the viewpoint to a bird’s-eye isometric camera (as opposed to the series’ established standard of first-person views designed to facilitate melee and gun combat) in which players can attack by using simplified gestures; a tap will attack and a swipe will unleash a special. This formula appears greatly simplified, likely to court more players, specifically those of a younger age bracket – the game is rated suitable for those 12 and up on the App Store.

As well as the expected zombie combat, the new handheld offering will also emphasise collection-based gameplay in the form of cards – as of now, it is not known if these are cosmetic or will affect the game in any way, but they still might make a compelling reward for any die-hard Dead Island fan. There are also base-building elements to contend with, as well as cameo appearances from popular characters featured in past versions of the series.

The new game is currently available for free on the App Store and Google Play, and you can view the official launch trailer for Survivors right here: