Ubisoft are to release brand new content for the latest installment of their world-beating action-adventure franchise Far Cry; as they announced this week in London that Far Cry 5 will have a new playable scenario entitled Lost on Mars available soon.

The DLC pack puts you on control of Nick Rye, upgraded to playable main character in Lost on Mars, as you must fight to suppress an invasion of Earth being planned on the planet of Mars, all the while trying to secure the safety of your friend, Hurk.

In addition to the new strand of story that Far Cry fans will be able to immerse themselves in, the DLC also adds a swathe of Mars-themed assets such as maps, and guns that carry outdated but cartoonish names such as the Blaster of Disaster, and the Obliteratorrrr – yes, that’s five “R”s counting the one in the middle.

Outlandish and deliberately out-of-this-world DLC is a theme that Ubisoft are keen to chase down, as the next installment that players will be able to feast upon is entitled “Dead Living Zombies”, a likely attempt to profit off the living dead, which is in evergreen popularity across all modes of entertainment. Ubisoft aim for an August release on that pack.

While the possibility of going to Mars within a Far Cry game is an intriguing one, players who were expecting this game of the series to tackle important socio-political issues suggested by the southern American setting of the game might be coming away disappointed that the game is shifting to a less reality-oriented place in its post-release campaign. Nevertheless, those who are long-term fans of the series should have much to enjoy.

Per Ubisoft, Lost on Mars will be out for release on the 17th of July, likely on PSN, Uplay, and Xbox Live, but no announcements have been made at this time regarding price.