San Diego Comic-Con has become a mecca for the pop culture-engrossed. Sharing a space with the creators of the properties and characters that shaped you is nirvana. This experience facilitates engagement between fans and the content they love, fostering a deepened appreciation for the art itself. It’s a beautiful, elusive thing, this level of engagement.

But, as frequent SDCC-goers have experienced, nirvana is expensive. Want a vintage Star Wars figure from the show floor?  Expect a price hike that’d have Bill Gates scrounging for extra Benjamins. Want to buy a soda? That’ll be four bucks. Want to go to the bathroom? Well, that’s free unless a mom with a stroller-full of screaming baby bulldozes her way through a Council of Ricks and flattens your ass.

To help mitigate the madness, we’ve put together a guide to help you, the self-respecting Deadbeat, survive and enjoy the most popular entertainment convention on the planet.


Hydrate-The con is a hot, sweaty, stuffy place, so drink water and wear light-colored clothes. It’s important to stay happy and healthy during the con because every time you’re dying of thirst, there are 30 half-dead attendees waiting in line for a water bottle that could’ve sustained YOU for another fifteen minutes.

Plan, Plan, PLAN- We cannot stress this enough. Get to bigger panels 30 minutes to an hour before you think you need to, and always, always check the Sails Pavilion for any autograph signing information. This may seem excessive, but it will ensure that you experience whom and what you came to see. We’ve missed out on countless events because we’re lazy shits who think procrastination yields the same results as prudence does.

Count on 10-20-minute hotel elevator waits- If you’re staying at any of the hotels around the convention center (especially the Marriott Marquis), remember to factor in elevator wait times. The time spent tapping your foot and silently screaming for a “Down” elevator can range from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on how poor your timing is. There are hundreds of thousands of people at this convention so count on waiting on elevators for obscene amounts of time.

The Gaslamp District- We recommend exploring the nearby Gaslamp District, which boasts great bars, even better food, and a vibrant atmosphere appropriate for a chaotic weekend.


  • Marvel Studios will not present at this year’s show.
  • Angry moms with strollers will be in attendance.
  • Spend more time than you feel you need to when planning your convention experience.
  • Elevator encounters with celebrities are common. Don’t be weird.
  • If your favorite show is hosting a panel, check to make sure it’s not in Hall H. If it is, you’re fucked. There’s a days-long line to get into ANYTHING in that room.
  • I don’t care if the Black Widow cosplayer is attractive. Don’t be creepy or touchy. We’re Deadbeats, not sexual predators.
  • If your inner (or outer) comic book fan tells you, “Hey, it’s totally okay to ask Scott Snyder to sign a long box of Batman issues and hold up the line,” shut that shit down. They’ll usually impose limits on how many books you can have signed, but a healthy number would be 2-3 books max. Be considerate!
  • DC will have a HUGE presence at this year’s show.
  • Game of Thrones will also be absent from the show.
  • If you get sick of the convention center, venture outside and see the activities and activations available from various studios/franchises. Hulu’s Castle Rock has an outdoor event that looks bananas.


Check back on Tuesday, July 17 for Part 2 of our SDCC Survival Guide!