No-one was more upset about the cancellation of Silent Hills than yours truly. Arguably one of the coolest decisions behemoth publisher Konami had done in a long while was the mysterious PS4 stealth-release of P.T. which was only revealed to be an official iteration in the critically lauded survival horror franchise once the cryptic teaser was finally completed.

Suffice to say, the worst decision the company has made in a long while was swiftly cancelling Hideo Kojima’s promising-looking horror title over personal grievances between the auteur and the publisher that have still not yet been fully disclosed.

Now, over three years later, fans who are looking for something to scratch that Silent Hills-shaped itch may be in luck. A brand new mod’s just dropped for Fallout 4 on Steam that allows players the opportunity to revisit the claustrophobic experience at the heart of Silent Hills.

Labelled as “a fan homage to the cancelled Silent Hills game”, this 30-minute mod puts players in a creepy, abandoned apartment on the outskirts of West Roxbury that’s brimming with secret notes, terrifying monsters and a taut, tense atmosphere. Filled with eerie mannequins, creaky floorboards and a network of hallways that defy the laws of physics, the aptly-named Claustrophobia mod also throws in a nasty deathclaw that constantly hounds you as you progress through the level. Spooky! For those interested in downloading the Fallout 4 mod, you can do so on PC here. An Xbox One version is also available, though there is no news of a PS4 version as of yet, due to the complex scripts and custom textures used within the mod.

In other Silent Hill-related news, a new trailer dropped recently for an indie horror title called Someday You’ll Return which is very much inspired by the Japanese horror series. You can check out the trailer here.