The agonisingly popular Call of Duty series is set to have its new instalment, Black Ops 4, released on the 12th of October of this year. That isn’t the story, however, as we’ve known that for months; what is now clearer to us is the details and aesthetic of the Zombies mode, which received a brand new story trailer entitled “Chaos” today.

The trailer detailed a scenario entitled “Voyage of Despair” which depicts an undead outbreak happening on a military ship during the turn of the last century. Where in the world this happens is ambiguous, especially as it happens on an aquatic vehicle, but Hispanic and American accents can be heard throughout the snippet released by Activision, which indicates Mexico as a possibility, but this is just conjecture and anything concrete cannot be confirmed until we know more.

What is confirmed as of this point is that Zombies mode will feature three stories: the aforementioned “Voyage of Despair” will join both “IX” and “Blood of the Dead”. “IX” is set to take place in the Roman Empire (no time frame announced as of yet, though),  while “Blood of the Dead” is described as a remake/reimagining of a popular map that appeared in a previous Black Ops title called “Mob of the Dead”, which first saw release as part of Black Ops 2.

The maps will be available to play on release day, alongside the main campaign. For everyone with an itchy trigger finger who still cannot wait until October, the trailer is available to watch right now, here: