Fans of Pokémon‘s less popular little brother should find a brand new reason to cheer, as Bandai Namco announced in Richmond, United Kingdom today that a fresh new Digimon game would be coming soon to the Western world, and the real upside is that this time, it’s not a lightweight mobile game.

Confirmed for a release on all major home consoles (PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch) as well as the PC, Digimon Survive has been announced for release in the near future. Development will be provided by WITCHCRAFT, which is an ambiguous move as little information exists about the studio publicly, so time will tell if the latest release turns out to be any good, especially considering the limited details we have at our disposal currently.

What we do know, however, is that Survive is promised to be a tactical RPG/adventure title and will also have input from some of the leading lights of the franchise, such as designer Uichi Ukomo, and legendary composer, Tomoki Miyoshi.

The game will appear to focus on a group of teenagers who get lost on a camping trip, and the act of doing so gets them mixed up in the beguiling world of Digimon. The game looks to offer narrative choices that will dictate the flow and direction of the story, whilst battles will be conducted in a familiar turn-based 2D style.

No more details are known at this time, but Bandai Namco promise to release more information as the months continue, with a 2019 release being more than likely for the game.