Just as the legendary professional wrestler Bonesaw McGraw was ready, the brand-new Spider-Man game due to be released exclusively on PS4 is also good to go, as the developers Insomniac Games announced the game had “gone gold” earlier today in a tweet aping the much-memed art style of the 1960s cartoon.

The fresh new addition to the convoluted web of Spider-Man games was already primed for a September release, so this should come as welcome news to die-hard fans looking forward to protecting New York with our friendly neighbourhood web-head; Insomniac are not releasing this game a second before it is ready, so having an extra month to iron out any kinks or bugs in the code before the game ships will be a boon to the development team and players alike; all of us are in for a far better product that won’t suffer from being rushed.

The upcoming title should be thrilling to fans of the comic book icon, old and new: the game is set to feature web-slinging stalwart Peter Parker as expected, but will also see the video game début of new kid on the block, Miles Morales. Joining the fray as well is the inimitable Mary Jane Watson, who will also be playable in the full release.

“Going gold” can be a confusing term for gamers, so to be clear: in a pre-release context, it does NOT refer to selling a certain amount of copies like the term “going platinum” might; it’s just that the game is complete and ready to be released as such.

All being well, Spider-Man is swinging along nicely towards its worldwide release on September 7th.