Warning: the following post breaks the first two rules of Fight Club

The creative collective known as Mondo has just announced plans for a card game based on the immortal 1999 movie Fight Club. The game, which will be a two-player deck-builder, where each player takes on half of a split personality and battle to become the dominant consciousness.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Take on the role of either The Narrator or Tyler Durden as you play a game of tug of war with dual-use cards available in a shared draw row. The Narrator side feeds the need to collect, gather, and nest, while the Tyler side enables destruction, mayhem, and ultimately letting go by hitting bottom on a shared tracker both players struggle to dominate.

The game is designed by Luke Byers & Jay Shaw, with game art by Shaw, and cover art by Matt Taylor, which you can see below.

In addition to the over 140 card deck, the game will stay very on-brand by including a “Slide” tracker board, a Soap Tracker piece, and a fold-out instructions poster. You can add this bad boy to your collection when it goes on sale September 2018.

While you wait patiently for September, be sure to check out Mondo’s website in the meantime.