If you’ve ever wanted an insight into what life under Brexit might be like (because the British government aren’t doing it any time soon), you’re in luck, you absolute weirdo. PanicBarn are ready to import that good to us (though thankfully without a higher post-Brexit tax tag) with their brand new title, Not Tonight.

Not Tonight will allow Brexiteers and Remoaners alike to experienced an imagined post-Brexit landscape, in which the political measure has forced the UK into a dystopia. According to the developers, this has created a “gig economy” in which you have to scrape together funds night-to-night as a bouncer for failing pubs and clubs across the nation.

This provides the backdrop for the game at large, described as a “time-pressure RPG” in which you decide who can enter night venues by checking identification and managing morale inside to ensure the atmosphere doesn’t become too rowdy. The better job you do means more money for you to take home, which you’ll need to improve your personal situation and create a better life for yourself before Brexit truly sets in.

This is as much as is known at this time, but based on the screenshots and other supporting material available to us, the game could be taken for a more low-key, “British” version of Papers, Please: less dramatic in that denial into your local isn’t as bad as being denied asylum, but infinitely more dramatic in that this will quietly ruin someone’s night in that quintessential British way.

Not Tonight will be available for release on the 17th of August on Steam.