Without mincing my words, I’d like to go on record to say this: Deadly Premonition is legit one of my favourite games of all-time. Japanese writer-director-developer Hidetaka Suehiro—or the affectionately coined nick-name Swery65—is the legendary, and rather bonkers, mind behind one of the most memorable and engrossing titles I’ve ever experienced to this day. 

A heartfelt love-letter to David Lynch’s iconic Twin Peaks TV series, Deadly Premonition is an open-world survival horror game famous for its ambitious scope, quirky characters, hilarious dialogue and surprisingly great murder mystery story, too. Add to this, a legitimate entry in the Guinness Book Of Records for “Most Critically Polarising Game Of All-Time”—IGN famously gave it a 2/10, while Jim Sterling handed it a perfect 10/10 rating—and you have yourself a video game that is an undisputed modern cult classic. If you’ve not played it, you should absolutely try your best to check it out.

Fans of the acclaimed cult developer may probably already know that he’s set up his own independent studio, White Owls, with two announced games already in the works: a bizarre RPG dubbed The Good Life and a mysterious game called The Missing. 

Not much has been revealed about the The Missing thus far, except for a short video from Swery himself last year claiming that, “this title will blow your mind.” However, as of yesterday, a new teaser site has been set up for the mysterious Swery-developed game.

There’s not much to go on at the moment, except for a handful of brand-new screenshots, a descriptor that pitches the game as an “action-adventure” experience, and the fact that it will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. From the looks of the new screenshots, it looks likely that the game will possibly be some kind of story-focused action-platformer? A specific release date has yet to be locked down.

Swery’s other title, The Good Life, thankfully achieved its Kickstarter funding goals earlier this year and is on track for a potential November 2019 release. You can visit the game’s Kickstarter page here. 

Long story short, it’s a great time to be a fan of the Japanese auteur right now. As we learn more about Swery’s upcoming projects, we’ll be sure to let you know.