Only six short years after the original Diablo III thrilled PC gamers worldwide comes the announcement that Nintendo fans weren’t waiting for, but will probably be happy about nonetheless. Blizzard’s titanic success is coming to the Switch later this year, and is to receive an updated release titled the “Eternal Collection”.

The Eternal Collection is based on the existing PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, and will comprise of the original game, as well as the “Reaper of Souls” expansion pack, as well as extra modes including Kanai’s Cube, Challenge Rifts, and an Adventure mode, which does not need to be unlocked for Nintendo fans to start playing – they can enjoy it from the outset.

The game will also feature certain modifications exclusive to Nintendo consoles; for instance, the ability to morph into Legend of Zelda stalwart, Ganondorf. Senior producer Pete Stilwell told GameSpot in an interview why he and his team felt the Switch made such an attractive proposition for Diablo III, citing the console’s pick-up-and-play nature, as well as the “multiple ways you can play [the Switch]” – versatility seems to be an important value to the remake.

While the original title required PC powerhouses to run, the Switch version looks to pack a lot of power into the tiny Nintendo cartridge. While playing in handheld mode, players can expect to achieve a respectable 720p, which will be boosted to an admirable 960p when in the “docked” mode, which should quell fears that such a powerful game might not run well on this generation’s least-powerful hardware.

The Diablo III remake will release in Autumn this year.