For fans of classic RPGs, we may have some really good news for you. An underappreciated and relatively unknown RPG series is receiving the HD remaster treatment on Nintendo’s diminutive console hybrid. Yes, that’s right, Grandia and Grandia II are scheduled to launch on Switch later this winter.

The first Grandia released way back in 1997 on the Sega Saturn and arrived in 1999 on the OG PlayStation. It was received very well by critics (for context, it achieved an 89 on Metacritic). Grandia II, on the other hand, launched in 2000 on Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and PC, and was also received well by both fans and critics alike. 

For PC players, there’s some good news, too, as the Grandia HD remaster is also planned to be coming to Steam. It will join its fellow brethren, Grandia II, which is available now on the platform. 

Though the series was outsold by genre heavy-hitters like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, it still remains a legit RPG classic amongst hardcore enthusiasts. Despite resonating well with critics, it sadly never received the commercial success of its genre brethren. For some extra context, Grandia was voted the 73rd greatest game in Japanese magazine Famitsu in a poll way back in 2006. Yep, it’s pretty much widely accepted to be a legendary RPG experience.

No concrete release date has been locked down yet, but the HD remaster of Grandia and Grandia II should be landing on the Nintendo Switch sometime this winter. The HD remaster of the original Grandia is also scheduled to arrive on Steam, assumably at the same time as the Switch versions.