Another day, another promising Switch port has been confirmed. That’s right, 2 Ton Studios’ 2D story-focused action-adventure title Unto The End has partnered with Digital Uppercut Productions to bring their game to Nintendo Switch. Those who don’t own The Big N’s latest console, don’t you worry, either: The game is pencilled in to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC, as well. 

Unto The End boasts nuanced combat, a minimalist yet stylishly eye-catching art-style, as well as handcrafted level designs and enemy encounters, too. In the game, you play as a father who must journey through the merciless wilderness in a bid to find his way home back to his family. 

According to the developer, the moment-to-moment combat is super tactical, and players must read, react and counter attacks from the game’s plethora of nasty and clever adversaries. The stark highland and brutal wilderness feel also reminds us of the Russell Mulcahy-directed Highlander movies, which can only be a good thing, right? Furthermore, the title puts a nice twist on the Highlander movie vibe by throwing in a crap load of big, vicious monsters into the mix to slay to really help spice things up. I mean, who doesn’t like killing creepy, lumbering beasties that want to eat your face off, eh? Nobody silly, that’s who!

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete release date as of yet for the upcoming single-player cinematic adventure, but if you fancy whetting your appetite, feel free to check out Unto The End’s E3 announcement trailer below.