What’s cooking, Deadbeats (besides takeout Chinese food)? We’re working on a new site section and need content. To help us fill our woefully empty archives, we’re doing something we’ve been planning for a bit: we’re accepting submissions for our new webcomic section! The section is titled “Deadbeat Funnies” and will showcase art and storytelling from new and established talent. 

Do you…

Like comics?

Despise human interaction?

Need cash for an illicit activity you can’t talk about?

Have a talent you want people to see?

If yes, then this may be the perfect obscure opportunity for you!

Each comic we accept and publish will earn you $100 and a “coveted” spot on our homepage. Plus, you’ll get an extra $3 for every 1000 page views your work gets. Read on for specific guidelines.

Juicy, Juicy Deets

Preferred Skills/Background:

You can write, draw, and tell a story in a webcomic format. That’s it. We aren’t into excluding anyone for any reason. If you’ve got talent, we want it. And not in a parasitic way. 


We prefer funny shit but aren’t married to the idea of the humor following convention. In fact, if you can make us laugh with a joke/style we haven’t heard before, you’re pretty much guaranteed publication. 

Monthly Deadlines/Selection Process

Depending on the number of submissions we receive, the selection process will take between 2-7 days. The monthly deadline for new submissions will be the 1st of every month. We will publish each month’s comic on the 8th of its respective month. 

When the site starts generating more traffic,  we will publish two submissions per month. Help us get there so we can publish your stuff!

What’re you waiting for? Get to it!