Joe and Anthony Russo sit at (or near) the top of the filmmaking world. Not only did they manage to end an 11-year, 22-movie franchise on a stunningly high note, but together they have also have become the third filmmakers to direct a $2 billion blockbuster. Now, they’re creating and executive producing a Magic: The Gathering animated series for Netflix and we’re already all kinds of nuts about it.

Created by Whitman College adjunct professor Richard Garfield in 1993, Magic: The Gathering is a competitive (and collectible) card game focusing on strategy, strength, and deck-building. The rules are complex and the learning curve can be intimidating, but the game’s 20 million players (a 2015 statistic, mind you)  will tell you it’s all worth it. And it is. As someone who played Magic recreationally for about a year, I can confidently tell you that I still don’t know shit about the game but had a blast playing it anyway.

The show will center around the powerful, magical Planeswalkers, some of the most formidable beings in the Magicverse. Beyond that, nothing is known.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting news!