For those who’ve gotta catch ’em all, we have good news: the newest games in the ongoing Pokemon franchise, titled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, now have an official release date. The reveal comes straight from Nintendo and Game Freak, who have confirmed that both games (available exclusively on Nintendo Switch) will hit shelves on November 15, 2019. Get those (Poke)balls ready and maybe brush up on some oldies while you’re at it (namely Gold, Silver, Crystal, anything second generation). Both games are available for preorder on Amazon.

The games introduce a slew of new Pokemon to battle and capture, but the most interesting new feature is the introduction of the Dynamax power-up. Exclusive to the never-before-seen Galar region, this phenomenon allows trainers to increase the strength of their Pokemon in a three-turn, once-per-battle attack by using a Dynamax Band.

In addition to the Dynamax phenomenon, the games toss players into a region which benefits from the inclusion of Pokemon in the workforce (think Detective Pikachu). Other new features include Max Raids (four-trainer encounters with wild, Dynamaxed Pokemon), the Wild Area (basically a revamped Safari Zone, but you don’t have to pay an outrageous fee to “maybe” catch a rare Pokemon), and the Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta.

These games promise shitloads of new upgrades and changes to the Pokemon formula, but hopefully they keep the verve and spirit of the originals.

Information will continue to trickle in so stay tuned for updates!