Though Adam Wingard’s underrated Blair Witch reboot from 2016 wasn’t particularly well received, there still seems to be plenty of life in the spooky ol’ dog yet. Yes, a brand new survival horror title set in the cinematic universe of the found footage horror flick was announced at Microsoft’s E3 presser last night.

Polish studio, Bloober Team — the folks behind the terrific Layers Of Fear and Observer — will be handling development on the game. Despite the popularity of the horror movie franchise, video games have yet to fully capitalise on the IP. Sure, there was a PC trilogy way back in the early noughties, but it’s safe to say that those titles failed to truly set the world on fire. Long story short, the less said about them, the better.

That may all be about to change however, as this modern take on the franchise exhibits a huge amount of promise thanks to not only a talented developer, but a really creepy debut trailer, too. You can check it out below:

There’s not much to go on except for the aforementioned trailer, but one thing that caught our attention was the welcome addition of man’s best friend. That’s right, it looks likely your pet pooch will be a game mechanic within Bloober Team’s forthcoming first-person horror experience.

How the lil’ pup will fit into the gameplay is hard to tell, though it looks like it’ll be a core mechanic within the game. Colour us intrigued!

Blair Witch releases on August 30th on Xbox One and PC.