Hideo Kojima, the visionary mastermind behind Kojima Productions’ upcoming PS4 exclusive Death Stranding, has revealed the hotly anticipated game’s official box art. While speaking at the “Hideo Kojima: Master Storyteller” San Diego Comic-Con panel yesterday, the director best known for his Metal Gear Solid series, unveiled the artwork and it looks pretty eye-catching. Check it out below:

death stranding

The finalised artwork features The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus front and center, who will play the character of Sam Bridges in the sci-fi adventure game. Bridges will allegedly be the main protagonist “who must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding, and save mankind by reconnecting a fractured society.”

While the game’s box art looks fairly straightforward, we do think that its simplicity is quite eye-catching and effective, too. But how about you? What do you make of the official artwork to PS4’s most highly anticipated exclusive of the year? Let us know in the usual place, folks.

Death Stranding launches exclusively on PS4 on November 8th.