After coming to an end back in May, it’s safe to say that fans are still hungry for more from HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Lucky for us, the network currently has several spinoffs set in the fantasy world of Westeros still in the development pipeline.

Indeed, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to experience the first of these Game Of Thrones offshoot projects, as one of the prequel series has apparently just finished shooting.

According to the network’s programming president Casey Bloys, “Shooting has wrapped.” Of course, Bloys did not provide any further details as to what we could expect to see. However, he did offer his own opinion on the show’s progress, saying that it, “Looks really good, cast is amazing.” Allegedly, the major reason why he couldn’t reveal more is that the pilot episode is now in the editing stage.

It’s a little unclear which specific prequel series this could be, as there are several shows set in Westeros’s history that are currently in the works. One is rumoured to focus on the Targaryen bloodline and is apparently set thousands of years before the Seven Kingdoms became embroiled in the battle between the living and the undead. And another is rumoured to take place during the Westeros’s Age of Heroes, which is the period when the Great Houses were first founded.

Though the final season of HBO’s fantasy epic was tarnished with an eruption of fan backlash, some – like yours truly – gleaned a lot of enjoyment from the closing series.

But how about you? Are you ready to return to the fantasy world of George R. R. Martin’s cultural phenomenon Game Of Thrones? Let us know in the usual place.