There are few studios as ambitious and underappreciated as French developer, Spiders. Sure, their track record may not be filled to the brim with role-playing classics like Skyrim et al, but there’s a case to be made that they’ve crafted some really memorable and solid action-RPGs that are just a unicorn’s hair’s breadth from greatness.

From the cyberpunk Martian settings of The Technomancer and Mars: War Logs, to the more classical fantasy worlds of Bound By Flame and Of Orcs And Men, Spiders is a mid-tier developer who has always tried their best to go toe-to-toe with the big boys.

That fact rings true yet again with their forthcoming fantasy role-playing adventure, GreedFall, a 17th century action-RPG that promises deep customisation, branching storytelling, a slew of player choice, and a slick real-time combat system. Check out Jehanne Rousseau, Spiders’ lead writer and CEO, pull back the curtain on some of the game’s mechanics and systems in this new dev diary:

From what we’ve seen already, we’re super excited to dive into GreedFall‘s fantasy world later this year. Spiders is definitely a talented studio who are ones to watch out for! Will you be venturing into Spiders’ 17th century open world action-RPG when it arrives this fall?

GreedFall launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 10th, 2019.