Out of all the stories of redemption within the video game industry, Hello Games’ turnaround of its oft-maligned space exploration sim, No Man’s Sky, is sure to be one that sticks out in gamers’ minds. Indeed, not only has the UK-based indie studio won back fans with their around-the-clock support for the title, but the small team’s dogged determination is hard to not respect — especially following the negative fan backlash that the game received on its release back in 2016.

That persistent post-release support is not about to stop any time soon, however, as a brand new update is releasing shortly. Yes, the open-universe procedurally generated explore-em-‘up will receive a new update that will expand multiplayer by making it easier to find and play with other players in the game. This will be achieved by way of a new addition: the Nexus, which will act as a sort of hub world for players to find and interact with each-other. Go ahead and check out the new trailer for the upcoming update below:

Another large addition to the game will be VR support, which was announced to be coming down the pipeline back in March. A much anticipated feature, VR support will be a very interesting addition to No Man’s Sky as the title’s multitude of eye-catching sci-fi worlds could really benefit from the more immersive change of perspective. And, if this update is anything like the last five content drops, this’ll all be a free piece of DLC. Cheers, Hello Games!

No Man’s Sky: Beyond will launch on August 14th, 2019.