“Did you see that, Zach?! Clear as a crisp spring morning!”

It’s official: Hidetaka “Swery 65” Suehiro’s cult survival-horror classic, Deadly Premonition, is getting its very own sequel, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch next year.

Announced at Nintendo’s Direct last night, Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, will take place in Boston in 2019, and follows FBI agent, Aaliyah Davis, as she investigates an old serial killer case who inadvertently “opens a door into the unknown”.

Thankfully, the sequel will also see you the return of loveable and totally unforgettable FBI agent, Francis York Morgan, who will be attempting to solve a case of his own. Nintendo says that both story-lines will be intertwined with each other, and will take Aaliyah and Yorke “on a winding path”. But what lies at the end, the trailer asks, “Will it be truth or madness?”. Check it out below:

The icing on the survival horror cake is the additional news that the original title has also stealth launched on Nintendo’s e-shop. It’s available right now!

Released back in 2010, Deadly Premonition was a huge eye-opener for me, personally. As huge triple-A developers were making their games bigger — but not necessarily better — a small Japanese studio launched Deadly Premonition, an open-world, narrative-driven survival horror opus with B-movie charm, side-splitting humour and genuine heart by the bucket-load.

Sure, it may not be a technical marvel, but it’s an unforgettable experience with superb writing, ambition and sound design. To this day, it’s a great reminder of how stale triple-A titles have become. If every game henceforth had a fraction of the heart that Deadly Premonition possesses, I’m sure the industry would be a much, much better place. Isn’t that right, Zach?

But what say you? Are you excited for Swery 65’s sequel? Or will you be giving it a wide berth? Let us know in the usual spot down below.