While it hasn’t been out in the wild for long, it’s safe to say that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been a big success for Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts and single-player games as a whole. With terrific reviews from critics, combined with record-breaking sales figures — it’s the fastest-selling digital Star Wars game in its first two week release window and EA’s best-selling Star Wars PC game at launch ever — Jedi: Fallen Order has undoubtedly been the unmitigated success that fans of that galaxy far, far away were looking for.

However, for all those fans of single-player Star Wars game who want to see more from Jedi: Fallen Order‘s new sci-fi world, how does the studio feel about making a sequel to their recently released Souls-lite?

Interestingly, the studio’s Brand Strategy Director Charlie Houser revealed some important intel in regards to a sequel during a recent interview. When asked by GamesRadar if they’d be interested in continuing Cal’s story with future games, Houser responded with a simple but definitive “yes.” Continuing on, he said:

“We’ve had an absolute blast [making Jedi: Fallen Order]. For a new team that’s come together at Respawn, it has been a lot of learning to pull this off. Pending player reaction and feedback, and how everyone’s feeling about it, we would love to continue making awesome experiences and stories and keep telling that story in Star Wars.”

So, there you have it. Due to Jedi: Fallen Order‘s commercial and critical success, it sounds incredibly likely that a sequel is on the cards for Cal and co. sometime in the future. Personally, we would definitely be down for a sequel as we recently reviewed the game and declared it as: “One of the most purely entertaining and slickly produced action experiences” we’ve had all year. Go ahead and check out our full review here.

But how about you? Would you be interested in returning for another adventure with Cal and BD-1 in a Star Wars Jedi: fallen Order sequel? Or do you think it should just be a one and done sort of experience? Let us know down below!