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It’s time to combine some red and green herbs in celebration! Yes, Capcom has finally announced its eagerly anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake at PlayStation’s State Of Play event today. While rumours of an official reveal of the much anticipated title have been rife, it’s great to finally hear something concrete from the Japanese publisher.

Not only did Capcom announce the game officially, but the company also unveiled a new gameplay trailer as well as locking in an April 3rd, 2020 release date, too! Go ahead and check out the reveal trailer below:

Worth the wait, huh? The brand new trailer highlights Jill’s slick new look, some seemingly first-person runnin’-like-a-bat-out-of-hell gameplay sections a ‘la Outlast, and culminates with the inclusion of the same iconic location of its predecessors: Raccoon City. Tantalising stuff!

Though it’s been a long time coming, it’s fantastic to see Capcom capitalise on the success of 2019’s phenomenal Resident Evil 2 remake by giving the fans what they’ve been clamouring for. In all, this new announcement has been a nice early Christmas pressie for us all, right?

Resident Evil 3 remake launches on April 3rd, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.