Bossk actor Alan Harris has died.  Imperial Signings confirmed the news earlier today, attributing his death to a years-long battle with unspecified health problems. He was 81.

A convention staple and passionate actor, Harris, a veteran, started his career in theater and modeling before joining the Star Wars franchise in the 1970s. He appeared as different characters in each original trilogy installment, Bossk being the most famous among them. His face wasn’t visible to viewers but his impact was very much felt and appreciated. It’s a sobering day for Star Wars fans.

Harris’s death is a crushing blow to the Star Wars franchise. A popular character among ardent Star Wars fans, Bossk appeared briefly in The Empire Strikes BackHis reptilian appearance, coupled with his menacing glare and imposing demeanor, caught fans’ attention and even earned him a spot in K. W. Jeter‘s The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy from the Expanded Universe canon.

Harris will be missed. Maybe honor him by giving The Empire Strikes Back another watch? We sure as shit will.

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