Continuing the popular trend of Dark Souls-inspired games — which we wrote about in detail recentlyHellpoint looks set to clinch the mantle as one of the coolest-looking soulslikes to be coming out this year.

Developed by Canadian studio Cradle Games, Hellpoint is a dark, third-person action-RPG that blends the gameplay mechanics of FromSoftware’s classic Souls formula with Dead Space‘s interstellar body horror. Further still, throw in an ample amount of nightmarish Hellraiser imagery as well as some otherworldly Lovecraftian cosmic horror, and you have all the makings of a unique and promising soulslike RPG. Go ahead and feast your eyes on the brand new launch trailer that dropped recently:

Tantalising stuff, right? According to the developer’s website, the new soulslike promises brutal action combat, multiplayer gameplay, dynamic events and a new occult sci-fi universe.

Hellpoint is scheduled to launch on April 16 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. But tell us, are you ready to venture into the very bowels of hell? Grab a bible and a crucifix and head down to the comments section below.