Buckle up, folks. Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, made a new animated show and it looks every bit as wild and vulgar as you’d expect. The series, titled Solar Opposites, will crash-land on Hulu in May.

The show orbits around an alien family as they navigate life in America, resulting in plenty of madcap schemes, a dead ostrich, and all manner of zany, violent, hilarious adventures.

One of the most popular adult cartoons of all time, Rick and Morty features plenty of nihilism and nonsense, all while keeping itself grounded in low-brow hilarity. Roiland created the show with Community writer/creator Dan Harmon. Since it’s 2013 debut, the series has won numerous awards and earned a fanbase that’s (almost) as rabid as Squanchy.

Solar Opposites is scheduled to hit Hulu on May 8.

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