During a live commentary on Instagram yesterday, Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi unveiled new details about the fourth Thor film, dropping never-before-seen art and confirming the incredible inclusion of…space sharks! Did your inner 10-year-old nerd just emit a screech of approval? No? Just me? Fuck.

As it turns out, appealing to 10-year-olds with untainted imaginations is exactly what Waititi is doing. Whether it’s an actual child or an adult with the taste and discernment of a 10-year-old doesn’t really matter. Waititi is making a film that will please everyone, and he’s letting loose and getting wild with his concepts and characters. Via Collider:

“It’s so over the top now in the very best way. It makes ‘Ragnarok’ seem like a really run of the mill, very safe film…this new film feels like we asked a bunch of ten-year-olds what should be in a movie and just said yes to everything.”

The no-holds-barred approach Waititi seems to be taking isn’t unlike what he accomplished with Thor: Ragnarok and it will be interesting to see how he tops that here. Honestly, his take on Thor isn’t my favorite BUT it would be silly to ignore how much life and energy he injected into a sputtering franchise. And appealing to giddy youngsters is absolutely a smart direction to take the forthcoming sequel. Speaking to our inner kid in an inclusive way not only encourages play but also strengthens the very real, very human sense of belonging we feel watching others enjoy the same shit. That, if nothing else, is extremely valuable.

What do you think? Does Taika Waititi consult 10-year-olds when writing his scripts or are we full of shit? Sound off in the comments below and remember to keep your eyes on our newsfeed for any updates on the film!