Those familiar with Infinity Ward’s free-to-play battle royale, Call Of Duty: Warzone, know all too well just how deadly RPGs can be. However, following a recent nerf that was implemented in a bid to balance the weapon, it seems that the RPG has ostensibly been gifted an upgrade.

Yes, the 1.21 patch that was deployed recently aimed to reduce the rocket launcher’s effectiveness, but it’s surprisingly buffed the damage output of said weapon. Indeed, according to TheXclusiveAce – a renowned Call Of Duty YouTuber who has made a career out of analysing weapon statistics – the only thing the patch nerfed was the RPG’s damage radius, which has very slightly dropped from ten to nine metres.

On the other hand, the maximum damage on non-direct hits, which is what most RPG hits are, got a huge buff to its damage potential: 150 to a massive 250. In other words, you can now down a fully-armoured enemy by firing an RPG in their approximate direction.

Furthermore, another area that got buffed has been the minimum damage on non-direct hits, going up to 50 from 30. As TheXclusiveAce’s analysis notes, rocket launchers seem to have gotten a full rework sometime in late April. As these changes were never officially communicated to players, however, we may never know how or exactly when the changes were specifically deployed.

But tell us, how do you feel about the changes in Call Of Duty: Warzone? Do you think the RPG needs to be nerfed again? Chime in and let us know in the usual place down below.