It’s officially been 40 years since Pac-Man first wakka-wakka’ed his way into arcades around the globe. To celebrate, Bandai Namco and Numskull Designs have teamed up to produce numerous products for both the die-hard Pac-Maniac and causal arcade rat alike.

The first and arguably largest exclusive is an “EXTREMELY” limited-edition Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcades 1/4 scale cabinet. Signed by the original creator of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani, this cabinet is limited to 256 units in tribute to the 256 levels of the original arcade game (if you’re unfamiliar with the infamous Map 256 kill screen glitch, I highly recommend you giving it a quick Google search). This special edition set is priced at $349.00, so fans should act quickly as this piece of new gaming history will surely fly off the digital shelves fast.

If you’re not lucky enough to grab a signed version, you can still purchase the standard arcade for $149.00, complete with the 40th anniversary branding design, just no signature. Keep in mind that while these replicas are fully playable, they’re only a quarter of the scale of a common cabinet, making it much easier to display around your home.

The in-depth specs follow:

  • Official Bandai Namco Entertainment licensed product/merchandise
  • Fully playable cabinet using the original Pac-Man arcade ROM.
  • 1/4 scale replica of the original arcade cabinets. Measures: 16.92 inches Tall by 8.27 inches deep by 6.3 inches wide.
  • Exclusive 40th anniversary design: Limited to only 256 units of the signed edition worldwide.
  • High-quality: Made for durability, playability, and portability.

However, one doesn’t have to drop hundred of dollars to celebrate with Numskull Designs. The merch company is also releasing exclusive Pac-Man socks, a 9 pin badge set, and a 40th anniversary gift box, which includes a key chain, a ceramic mug, and a pair of retro gaming socks. These products range from $16.99-$29.99 and can be pre-ordered here.

The complete Pac-Man 40th anniversary line-up is expected to ship in July, the actual 40th birthday of everyone’s favorite yellow pizza sprite, aside from the signed Quarter Arcade cabinet, which will drop in August.

Tell us, how will you celebrate Pac-Man‘s big 4-0? Would you purchase any of this official celebratory merch? Let us know in the comments down below.