If you’ve been hankering for a unique gaming experience that scratches that ol’ strategy itch, then MegaCrit’s acclaimed deck-building hit, Slay The Spire, may be just what you need in your life right now.

Of course, if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet – it’s currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC – we know what you might be thinking: Can a collectible card game be really that good? Well, here’s the short answer: No, it’s not just “good”…. it’s actually PHENOMENAL.

Blending roguelike mechanics with collectible card gameplay, Slay The Spire is easily one of the best games of 2019, and one of the most addictive gameplay experiences I’ve had in a long while. And if you haven’t yet played it – fear not. Yes, Slay The Spire is finally out on iOS. Happy days!

The deck-building dungeon-crawler will set you back $10, or your regional equivalent, which means it’s one of the cheapest ways to get your mitts on the award-winning game. Here’s a rundown from the game’s official App Store page:

– Dynamic Deck-Building: Choose your cards wisely! Discover hundreds of cards to add to your deck with each attempt at climbing the Spire. Select cards that work together to efficiently dispatch foes and reach the top

– An Ever-changing Spire: Whenever you embark on a journey up the Spire, the layout differs each time. Choose a risky or safe path, face different enemies, choose different cards, discover different relics, and even fight different bosses!

– Powerful Relics to Discover: Powerful items known as relics can be found throughout the Spire. The effects of these relics can greatly enhance your deck through powerful interactions. But beware, obtaining a relic may cost you more than just gold…

If you haven’t guessed so already, Slay The Spire has quickly become one of my personal favourite games from recent memory, so I can’t recommend it highly enough! Seriously, it’s an incredibly well-designed roguelike with gorgeous art, and it’s also one of those few games which absolutely nails that addictive “just one more go” feeling. Long story short: If you’ve got time on your hands, this game will devour it!

But how about you? Have you played Slay The Spire yet? Will you be picking it up on iOS? Let us know in the usual place!